Pole Barns

At Shawn Edge Construction, we are the leading builder of pole barns, garages, and equestrian barns in Indiana. Whether you are looking for a pole barn style building or a large garage for commercial or residential use, we can provide affordable and high-quality construction services.

There are a variety of great benefits to choosing a pole barn or building for your next construction project:

  • Cost-effective. Utility poles have a lower total cost than a structure with a conventional frame.
  • Speed of construction. Since pole barns have fewer parts than a conventional structure, they are quicker to build.
  • Energy efficient. Pole barns offer thick, unbroken insulation, and when paired with the right heating or cooling system, keeping the structure climate-controlled can be quite cost-effective.

If you are interested in building a pole barn, look no further than the home remodeling team at Shawn Edge Construction. Call us today to discuss your project.

Pole Barn

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